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  What's new for existing owners of the TG2511 and TG5011 generators


Improving a Best Seller

The TG2511 and TG5011 generators have been widely adopted within companies across the world.

The new TG2511A and TG5011A models build upon that success and add a number of new features and improvements.

Backwards Compatibility

For system users, all existing control software written for a TG2511 or TG5011 will operate without any modification on the new A models.

New waveform type - PRBS

PRBS (Pseudo-Random Bit Sequence) is a binary waveform with a sequence that is almost impossible to predict. PRBS waveforms are used within secure communications systems.

Go Here for more information.

New Sum Modulation

A new modulation type of SUM has been added to the modulations list.

SUM enables any modulation signal to be added to any carrier waveform.

New BPSK Modulation

Binary phase shift keying is available for sine, square, ramp or arbitrary waveforms using the internal trigger generator or an external trigger signal.

Increased Modulation Frequency

The frequency range of the internal modulation signal has been increased from 20kHz to 1MHz.

Higher Frequencies for Ramps

The maximum frequency for ramp and triangle waveforms has been increased from 500kHz to 1MHz (TG5011A) and from 250kHz to 500kHz (TG2511A).



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