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  Frequency sweep, triggered burst and gated modes of operation are available

Wide range Frequency Sweep

Phase continuous sweep is available for all standard and arbitrary waveforms except for pulse. 

The sweep range is from 1uHz through to the maximum for the chosen carrier waveform and start and stop frequencies can be set independently.

The sweep can be linear or logarithmic, triggered or continuous with a period between 1ms and 500s. The sweep trigger can be manual or internal from the trigger generator or external from the trigger socket or from a remote interface command.

A marker is provide that outputs a pulse at any frequency point within the sweep.

Triggered Burst

In Burst mode, each active edge of the trigger will produce one burst of the waveform.

The number of cycles in a burst can be set between 1 and 16,777,215 (or infinite). The burst starts and ends at a waveform phase angle settable between
 -360.0 to +360.0 degrees.

Trigger signal

The trigger signal can be manual from the front panel key, internal from the internal trigger generator, external from the trigger-in socket, or remote via a bus command.

The trigger-in socket has a nominal TTL threshold and can be set to +ve edge or -ve edge triggering. The minimum trigger pulse width is 50ns.

The internal trigger generator is variable between 2mHz and 1MHz with 9 digit resolution.


In Gated mode the waveform runs only when the gate signal is true. The start point of the waveform is settable from -360.0 to +360.0 degrees and a the last cycle is completed after the gate signal goes false.

All of the options available for triggering are available for gating. The trigger-in socket can be set as high or low for true.


a precision marker can be set anywhere
within the sweep range





triggered bursts of any length can be set




A wide range of internal and external modulations are built in.

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