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  High quality waveforms over a wide amplitude range

High Waveform Quality

The generators offer high waveform quality with low distortion and aberrations.

This high quality is available over a wide amplitude range of 20mV to 20V pk-pk emf (10mV to 10V into 50 Ohms).

Unlike some other generators, the full amplitude is available over the full frequency range.

Intelligent Amplitude Display

Amplitudes can be displayed as peak to peak or as RMS values, with the rms being correctly calculated for the waveform shape.

RMS values can alternatively be specified in dBm.

If preferred values can be entered in terms of high level and low level instead of amplitude and offset.

The amplitudes are shown relative to the selected load impedance which is 50 Ohms by default, but can be selected as any impedance between 1 Ohm and 10kOhm.

Multi-function Sync Output

The Sync output provides a logic level signal that can perform a number of functions intended for synchronisation with external equipment:

Normal Waveform Sync
Modulation Sync
Burst Sync
Sweep Sync
Trigger signal out

Note that the Sweep Sync signal also provides the sweep marker signal.

Rear Panel Inputs and Outputs

The rear panel of the generators has four sockets:

External Modulation Input - for AM, FM, PM and PWM external modulation.

Trigger Input - for external triggering of Burst, Gated or Sweep waveforms.

Reference Clock Input - for use with an external frequency reference or phase locking of two generators.

Reference Clock Output - a buffered version of whichever clock (internal or external) that the generator is using.

output level can be specified as pk-pk, rms or dBm
and is corrected for waveform shape


Hi level and Lo level can be used instead of
amplitude and offset


the output level is corrected to suit different
load impedances




the Sync output can perform a
wide range of functions






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