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  Noise generation, gaussian white noise at 20MHz bandwidth and a high crest factor of 5.27

White Noise

All models can generate gaussian white noise to a
-3dB bandwidth of 20MHz.

The noise generation algorithm achieves a high crest factor (peak to rms ratio) of 5.27.

Amplitude is adjustable between 10mV pk-pk and 10V pk-pk into 50 Ohms.

Adding Noise to a waveform

Noise can be added to any waveform except pulse.

The amount of noise added can be specified as 0% to 50% of the amplitude of the carrier waveform.

Modulating with Noise

Noise can be used as the modulating waveform for AM, FM, PM or PWM modulations using any of the carrier waveforms allowable for that modulation type.

Read more about modulations.


noise can be used as a waveform, a modulator,
or summed with the output


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