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  The large graphic LCD can display text and waveforms simultaneously


High Resolution LCD

The 3.6" (90mm) diagonal panel uses 256 x 112 pixels and provides a large amount of simultaneous information.

System connection information is shown on the top line. Below that is a general status screen showing five major parameters. These parameters change depending upon the function being used.

Below the status information is the main editing line  which shows the parameter currently under control.

Representative Waveform Display

The area the to right of the status section shows a representation of the current waveform.

This is more than just a fixed display for each waveform, it is calculated from the waveform parameters and gives a live indication when values such as symmetry, rise time or pulse width are changed.

Modulation waveforms and representations of the modulated carrier are shown simultaneously. Burst count waveforms are also shown graphically.

Soft Key Control

Six soft keys below the display provide access and control of the parameters for each function.

All numeric parameters can be set directly from the numeric keypad, or can be incremented using the spin wheel.

The currently selected waveform and major functions are also indicated by illumination of the respective keys.  Read More ...

the high resolution display has greyscale capability




the status display is changed when modulations, sweeps
or bursts are being set up.


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