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  Arbitrary waveforms of 14 bits vertical resolution and up to 128k words at 125MS/s

Arbitrary Waveforms

Both generators offer DDS generated arbitrary waveforms capability.

A number of standard waveforms are included, and up to four user defined arbitrary waveforms can be stored in the instrument at any one time.

14 bits, 128k words, 125MS/s

Waveforms have a vertical resolution of 14 bits (16,384 amplitude levels). Waveforms can be created using between 2 and 131,072 points (128k).

The sampling rate is 125MHz and DDS techniques are used to provide any repetition rate between 1uHz and 10MHz (TG501xA) or 6MHz (TG251xA) with up to 14 digits of frequency resolution.

Internal and External Waveform Storage

Up to four user defined waveforms totalling up to 256k words can be stored within the permanent internal memory of the instrument.

However, a front mounted USB port enables external Flash memory storage of up to 1000 waveforms of any size.

This memory stick also provides a quick and convenient method for transferring waveform files to and from a PC.  It can also be used for storing instrument set-ups.

Pre-built Waveforms

Commonly used complex waveforms are provided both built-in to the instrument and for loading into the user defined waveform space.

These include sin(x)/x, exponential rise and fall, logarithmic rise and fall, gaussian, lorentz, haversine and cardiac waveforms.

This waveform (sine with 35% third harmonic)
 was created using Waveform Manager Plus.
The display shows an approximation
of any arbitrary waveform loaded.


Local arbitrary waveforms can be loaded from
a USB flash disk which can store up to 1,000
waveforms. Waveform names are maintained
and can be edited within the generator





Pre-built complex waveform such as
sin(x)/x are built-in to the instrument.


  More Details

Waveform Manager Plus is a Windows based program for waveform creation and editing.

It is provided free of charge with both all models.



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