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  Two channel generators - TG5012A and TG2512A - independent, coupled or tracking modes

Two Channel Models

The TG5012A and TG2512A have two identical channels and represent excellent value for money when compared to purchasing two generators.

Unlike some other two channel generators, both channels provide the full performance and specification, along with entirely independent operation when required.

Individual or Combined Display

The graphic LCD can be switched between the two outputs or can be set to show the parameters or waveforms for both channels simultaneously.

The currently selected output parameters are shown in reverse video.

Independent Channel Operation

The two channels can be operated completely independently as if they were two separate generators.

Coupled Operation

The frequencies of the two channels can be coupled such that if frequency of one channel is changed the frequency of the other channel also changes either by a fixed ratio or fixed offset.

Frequency coupling can be performed if the carrier waveforms on both channels are either Sine, Square, Ramp, Pulse or Arbitrary.

Amplitudes (and DC offsets) of the two channels can be coupled such that changing the amplitude and offset on one channel changes the amplitude and offset of both channels.

Outputs of the two channels can be coupled such that switching the output on/off on one channel switches the output on/off of both channels.

Tracking Operation

When in tracking mode both channels behave as one channel. If inverse tracking is selected, both channel still behave as one channel except that the output of channel 2 is inverted.

Relative Phase

The relative phase can be set from -360 degrees to +360 degrees with 0.1 degree resolution. Pressing the ‘align’ key phase synchronises the two channels with the specified phase offset.

Cross Channel Trigger

Either channel can be triggered by the other channel to set up a complex and versatile inter channel trigger scheme.

Each channel can have its trigger output waveform set up independently. Trigger Out may be selected to be carrier waveform referenced, modulation waveform referenced, sweep referenced, burst referenced or currently selected trigger of the channel.

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